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The '''Lovestoneites''', led by former General Secretary of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) Jay Lovestone, were a small American oppositionist Communist movement of the 1930s. The organization emerged from a factional fight in the CPUSA in 1929 and unsuccessfully sought to reintegrate with that organization for several years. Over the course of its existence the organization made use of four names: '''Communist Party (Majority Group)''' (November 1929-September 1932), '''Communist Party of the USA (Opposition)''' (September 1932-May 1937), '''Independent Communist Labor League''' (May 1937-July 1938), and '''Independent Labor League of America''' (July 1938-January 1941). Adding to the confusion, the organization's members often referred to their organization as the '''Communist Party (Opposition)''' or "CPO." Activists in the Communist Party (Opposition) played a role in a number of trade union organizations of the 1930s, particularly in the automobile...
CountryUnited States
PredecessorCommunist Party USA
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